The artist Ture Sjolander's billion dollar view
1 Bright Point of View  .
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Magnetic Island  Life Style 2008
The Million Dollar View
Bob Real Estate Magnetic Island 2008
"I don't talk to people who's assets are under US $ 100 million"  - Ture Sjolander
The Collector Stamp of the Year 2008
The Collectors Stamp of  the Year
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The Freedom of the Seas and Air on Land on Line 2008
"The Royal Freedom of the Seas, Air and Land"  by Ture Sjolander Photographic "Marine" painting 2008
Palm Island or Magnetic Island or...?
If you don't buy a property, don't rent one.

My Ferry
is Bigger
Than Yours
Human Rights on Magnetic Island
              5 step guide by Ture Sjolander 2008
Most peoples faces on Magnetic Island have an expression of constipation or like someone would try to steal the wallets from them, but it may have a  simple explanation, they are looking for yours.
I have learn though, that if you put a $10 note into the peoples cakehole they actually have been  taught to smile.
This behavorial pattern seem to have been  inheritated from Townsville real estate agents.  - Ture Sjolander
Borat and Keith Rupert Murdoch latest laugh.
Chasing Fox on Magnetic Island
Rubert Murdoch Real Estate Office
" I'm demanding to have a character reference in writing before I rent this property and also a character reference in writing about the person who wrote that character reference as well as a written character reference about the person who is going read the references and making the final assessments."
                                                                      - Charles Chaplin
Rubert Murdoch Real Estate Office