The Artist Magnetic Island studio 76
Studio 76  was last updated: March 10, 2010
Money Talks:
The Multi Billionaires are chasing me....- Ture Sjolander
The Townsville Port Authority 2007 Artist on Magnetic Island
Who Knows 2008
Ture Sjolander, "The Ultimate Star of All Time"
The very same day Laura Bush had her skin cancer tumor removed I visited my local GP and got a new prescription of my sleeping pills, to avoid to hear the TV-news about the 24.000 children who die every day as a result of bad drinking water,
in the world.
                              - Mr. Hardware von Hacker, Horseshoe Bay.
Understanding Magnetic Island 2008
extra bonanza: SLIDE SHOW 2008
Magnetic Islander 2007
The EU President of Magnetic Island
"If you are too friendly to people they start to behave like cannibals"          - Ture Sjolander
"I like it like that" -Iggy Pop